This is a EDB-funded project developing STEM education in schools by using self-direct learning as a strategy, to further develop the capacity of school leaders and teachers to integrate STEM educational approaches into the subject curricula of both primary and secondary schools. The potential subjects for integration include general studies (GS), mathematics and various science subjects at different levels. Through the integration, the project aims (1) to benefit schools in improving the coordination of curricula across various STEM subjects, (2) to benefit teachers in enriching and empowering their strategies to teach subject knowledge through STEM educational approaches, and (3) to benefit students in consolidating their subject knowledge through the STEM activities.

Through the project, we aim to build the capacity of schools and teachers to sustain and further develop in curriculum-integrated STEM education. The capacity building processes will be achieved by empowering school leaders and teachers through professional development programmes and school-based supports in curriculum, pedagogical content knowledge and pedagogy development.