A University-School Support Programme

Promoting STEM education at the upper primary and secondary levels by using self-directed learning as a strategy





This is an EDB-funded project aimed at strengthening the role of leaders and teachers from primary and secondary schools in promoting STEM education as well as developing students’ potential through school-based support. For the school leaders, the focus is to foster school leadership, promote the development of integrative STEM education, enhance the collaboration among teachers from different STEM subjects and establish e-learning platforms so as to encourage students to learn in a self-directed way. At the teachers’ level, the project will enable teachers to master relevant professional knowledge, design comprehensive STEM teaching activities that integrate formal and non-formal curricula, guide students to learn and apply STEM related knowledge and techniques and assess students’ learning outcomes. At last, for students, we will introduce self-directed learning and problem-based learning to raise their motivation and confidence in learning STEM subjects and foster their ability to interactively apply different knowledge and skills to solve problems in their daily lives.

Our team will provide support to participating schools in developing school-based STEM education in different ways, including understanding the schools’ needs and visions regarding the promotion of STEM education, providing professional development opportunities for teachers from different subjects to collaborate in designing STEM curriculum and activities, conduct peer class observation and share their teaching experiences. Moreover, we will also help school leaders to form STEM leader community in which they can support and communicate with each other. A school network will also be established after the completion of the project, promoting continual collaboration and sustainable development of STEM education among the schools.